Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No Straight Talk from McCain on Medical Marijuana for AIDS Patients

John McCain's straight-talk schtick that has served him so well in the past, is turning out to be his achilles heal in 2008. This time round McCain is having a hard time giving straight answers on several issues, including Medical Marijuana for HIV/AIDS Patients. We've gotten no less than threeanswers to the same question. Reason Magazine reports:

When he was asked about medical marijuana in April, the straight-talking John McCain said, "I will let states decide the issue." Less than three months later, asked if he would end the DEA's interference with medical marijuana use in the 12 states where it's legal, he had already changed his mind, saying, "Right now my answer to you is no."

His most recent position on medical marijuana is the most troubling, however, because not only does he take the wrong position, but he also gets his facts wrong. Bay Area Reporters states that recently:

Someone asked John McCain whether he'd support the research into the use of marijuana for medical purposes, but the Republican presidential hopeful said no. "I agree with the American Medical Association. They don't think it's necessary." But in fact, the AMA recommends studies to determine the efficacy of marijuana for seriously ill patients.


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