Thursday, August 30, 2007

Edwards and Biden Support Global AIDS Pledge

Global AIDS Activists are making their mark on the 2008 election by attending campaign events to ask one simple question. Will the candidates support $50 billion over 5 years to stop the global spread of AIDS?

They've posed the question to Obama and Edwards here in Washington DC. Edwards also got the question in South Carolina. The Boston Globe reports the question was recently given to John McCain in New Hampshire. The question has been asked so many times, that often you just have to say '$50 billion' and the candidates will know what you're talking about.

John Edwards and Joe Biden stand out as the only presidential candidates thus far that have committed to $50 billion over 5 years to fight the global epidemic, part of the 08stopAIDS platform. It leads one to wonder, how many more times will we have to ask the question until Obama, Clinton and the other candidates hear our voices?


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